The crocus has long been a symbol of joy, cheerfulness and youth. The crocus flower can be white, yellow or purple. Each colour comes with unique meanings. White being purity, innocence and truth, yellow being cheerfulness and joy and purple being dignity, pride and success. The flower was used by ancient Greeks to ward off the fumes of liquor by weaving the crocus flower into wreaths for the head. The Egyptians also used crocus flowers to dispel the fumes from intoxicating liquors by placing a spray of flowers on wine glasses. The fragrance of the crocus was thought to inspire love was even believed to bloom at midnight on Valentine’s Day.

The crocus is the perfect flower for spring bouquets and is great as a gift between friends or to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions.


This piece was created using recycled newspaper and magazines. Ripped up by hand and assembled with glue.

Museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper. Add a wonderful accent to your room or office with this beautiful art print that is sure to brighten any environment.

All prints are limited addition. Limited to 95 prints.
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Crocuses - Spring Flower Collection - Art Print