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May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.


Wine & Dessert Party

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.


Wine & Dessert Party

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Mikaela Kenn is a passionate, self-motivated artist and Alice Forestell Bursary “Best in Show” Awardee, whose artwork has been featured in UPPERCASE Magazine and COLORED PENCIL Magazine.

Mikaela lives by David Berman’s quote, “Don’t just do good design… do good!”, in which she believes that designers wield great power and influence over how people see the world and live their lives. This inspired Mikaela to always align her creations with what she deems essential, so she can produce maximum positive impact in the world.

Mikaela grew up in a small farming town in Beeton, Ontario, Canada. Being raised in a household full of artists, her predilection for art started at an early age and would only become stronger in years to come. Mikaela took up Art Fundamentals and Advanced Graphic Design at Georgian College to pursue her artistic passions and eventually worked for multiple corporate graphic design offices, wherein she was able to hone her knack for branding, marketing, advertising, package and layout design, fine arts, and illustration. Mikaela also has in-depth training in photography, color theory, and design principles.


Having learned all she possibly could, Mikaela left the corporate work and delved into her own business as a freelance designer and artist. She has a passion for experimenting with different types of media and genres. Her projects span across creating intricate collages out of hand ripped magazines and other components, drawing hyper-realistic florals, painting vivid oil, acrylic, and watercolor pieces, and doing elaborate embroidery work.



Tel: 705-440-6162

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